April 27, 2008

To Do

- take a moment to look into Footprint's South American Handbook 2007 (After all I am heading to that faraway continent in about a month and have done close to nothing for it. Here's the two things I've actually done: I have indeed paid my ass off for the tix and learned that the Spanish verb coger (=to take) is not suitable for using in the American soil except if I'm after some latino lovin'. Although it's no use for me knowing it really because I wouldn't know how to use it anyway. Damn Maija for being a lazy student!)

- get myself a proper vinyl record player (The one that has been serving me well for the past ten years has finally called itself off and since I understand nada (hey that's Spanish!) about stuff like stereos or any other electronic equipment for that matter (which is actually something that bothers me a whole deal. In my day dreams I am this cool lady who knows dis n dat about everything, including stereo stuff. And financial politics and ice hockey and haute couture stuff. My dream-me does not use the word "stuff" that often cause she's not that limited verbally. By the way, multiple bracketing..sucks. Is it in this {[( order or this ([{ order? Must be the first option. Either way I go with the simple ('s. Pardon my earthliness.) Anyway, fortunately this new store called Vinyyliklubi opened up downstairs in my building. It's centered on the whole vinyl culture, so it's not only selling vinyl records of quite versatile music genres but also selling all sorts of equipment related to vinyls: players, needles, album sleeves you name it. Yesterday was actually its first day open and I happened to walk by with a friend, noticed the door was finally open so we went in. Some girl played old jazzy tunes with a saxophone inside (maybe a bit too loud for my inflammated ears in such a small space but still, a very nice detail). You could hear it outside and it gave kind of a nice touch to the already sunny and merry Saturday. The indie-cowboy-rock'n'folk wiz -looking owner told us there'll be live music every once in a while in the future too. I told the guy that he can entertain the neighbourhood in day time and I make sure the peeps are set with good music in night time! He also said the opening times are London-style meaning it's open from afternoon until evening. Cool thing, eh?)

I'll continue the grand To Do -list another time.
I should go to bed. I haven't been at work for a week and tomorrow morning at 07.30 I shall yet again be there to clench my fists for it is sometimes, too often really, truly nerve-wrecking. Oh well!


José González will be performing tomorrow here in our town. Still not sure if I'll go. He has been here a few times and shameful of me, I've missed them all.

I'm having trouble trying to figure out what I should do in the future. A cook or a baker is an option! A very, very serious option definitely worth considering. Ha ha.

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