July 8, 2008

Chai & Sushi

Plums are delicious at the moment. All of a sudden you realize you've eaten a dozen of them. I've made myself tea by boiling cinnamon, cardamom and clove.
I had a wonderful day yesterday. I met with two friends in town. Aren't they the prettiest? We ate some, drank some, talked a lot and laughed a lot. What else do you need?

Sushi, you need sushi. So today I made sushi and I'm gonna go meet my friend soon (the girl on one of the pictures with a blue-striped shirt and the cutest flowery belt) and surprise her with some fresh homemade sushi.

July 6, 2008

Summer Joy

I'm back from Chile. I had the most wonderful time there, I couldn't have imagined a better June. It wasn't easy coming back. I spent a month without a cell phone or a clock, just enjoying my time, drinking wine with good friends, taking walks in the beautiful hills of Valparaíso.

But somehow the amount of light - day and night, and the greenness of the nature has caught me off guard once again and made it a lot easier to adjust to being home again.

We had my friend's birthday party and it was so much fun! We drank rum punch, sang karaoke, played capoeira and danced salsa (not me, the capable ones). I left home when the sun was already rising. It never gets entirely dark this time a year.

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