March 24, 2009

March 14, 2009

Red shoes

Tango on the street today. Pretty cool.

March 13, 2009

March 12, 2009

March 6, 2009

Ode to things/Oda a las cosas

Today I went to the house of Pablo Neruda, the museum La Sebastiana. It is right around the corner from our home and shameful of me, I had never been there before.

The view from the house is breath-taking. I see the same view everyday, actually I live right there in the view but I was still amazed by it. I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside the house but I did snap a quick one while the guard wasn't looking from Neruda's bathroom. Imagine taking a bath and rubbing your armpits while looking at that view. Incredible! The tiles of the bathroom were selected by Señor Pablo himself and at that time there were only three different colors for bathroom tiles available in Chile: white, green and blue. As a visualist he obviously chose all the three.

The painting of Neruda on photo #2 can be seen from my window. The cactus grew on the yard of La Sebastiana. And on picture #4 the street in the middle of the shot, that runs between the houses is the one I take when I go downtown. It's cool because here going downtown is going downtown, you know what I mean.

Oh Valparaíso, no wonder you were such an inspiration to him.

P.S. Click on the images to view them large.

March 5, 2009


A guy ice fishing in Belarus. By Vasily Fedosenko for Reuters.

Flour war in Laza, Spain. By Miguel Vidal for Reuters.

One of my favorite things when surfing the net without anything better to do is to go to check this gallery of photos.

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