September 28, 2008

I against I

Because a special someone already filled us in on our encounter today I will not go into it.
I find it difficult not to write about her. Even so, today I will refrain from telling about her and instead just post pictures of her from yesterday and today.

Lately I have felt like the environment's worst enemy. I have bought several flight tickets, bus tickets just for my own sake of enjoyment. I remember telling myself many times that the next time I'm taking off it shall be for professional/educational purposes. Oh look at that, not happening. I doubt that I'm actually the environment's biggest problem but it seems that I am my biggest problem.

Living with the constant feeling of contradiction is tiring. It is fulfilling too, no doubt, I would have not experienced some of my best times without its hold over me. By contradiction I mean two opposing ideas which clash, often beyond your will.

For me, my greatest contradiction in life, among multiple number of other less ground breaking ones, is security vs. adventure. The way it displays itself most prominently in my life is the fact that at the same time I want 1) a secure home where I can invest on books, records, kitchen commodities, quality furniture, career and important relationships, and 2) to feel free, untied, go around, learn new languages, taste wines in their spot of origin, miss home and my people at home and return home just to miss being away again.

The two opposing ideas just don't seem to match. Sure, in some ways I have been able to combine these two. For the very most part of my life I have been relatively stable when it comes to living in different places, by places here I mean different countries or towns. And I have been fortunate to travel too. But really, I mean really, five years is the longest I have lived in one home and that was from the age 7 until 12. Praises for that, very important time for my development I'm sure.

It is not only my social life or my material life which suffers (albeit, the benefits are countless). All in all I have a hard time making long term commitments, decisions. Sometimes I think I sacrifice my potential for the sake of being this rootless being with a confused mind, yet twisted-ly rooted hard on the ground of my ancestors.

It would be easy to blame my parents for my restless mind and my vulnerable heart. And I gotta admit, I find pleasure in blaming them or any reason other than myself for anything and everything I lack of or suffer of. However, it is me I am set against.

My oh my, I thought I went through all this pain in my teenage years but who woulda known, I'm still struggling. When the time comes to make decisions, I hope I’m ready.

Now listening: I against I by Mos Def & Massive Attack

September 27, 2008

Empty Bowls

Today me and Koko went to an event called Empty Bowls: design for a purpose (in Finnish) which was part of the Helsinki Design Week. The idea is that different designers and artists donate their seld-made ceramic bowls for the event which then the audience can buy. By giving money, people can choose a bowl they desire to have and get soup for lunch. All the money goes to charity for the fight against hunger. Here in Helsinki the Empty Bowls project worked in collaboration with UNICEF. The idea is quite nice, you get yourself quality handmade ceramics while giving money for charity.
We got there at 11 when the event started but already there was a long queue almost reaching all the way to the next block. Once we got in the beautiful Helsinki Cathedral crypt was packed with people searching for the favorite piece. After a while me and Koko found our favorites of the big bunch and were ready to get some soup. There were 6 different options for soup! Pumpkin soup, mushroom soup, borch soup, crayfish soup, sausage soup and sea food soup. I took crayfish soup and Koko got pumpkin. Both were delicious.
The atmosphere at the event was wonderful. A string quartet playing beautiful classical tunes and people enjoying their soups and their brand new designer ceramic bowls.
My bowl is like a tear. That's why I pretended to be sad.
While Koko didn't have to pretend at all. Her bowl has bees and flowers.
We had such a nice time, me and her. Thank you dear for asking me to join you.

P.S. In Finnish the name of the event is good, "Tyhjä kulho", meaning empty bowl. In English I can't help but to think of someone emptying his bowels for the sake of famine. How vulgar.

September 24, 2008


Location: Kebabistan & home
Attendees: Anniina & Maija


Location: Stockmann
Attendees: Koko & Maija

September 23, 2008

Kallio - El Salvaje Oeste De Mío

Jueves, 18 de Septiembre 2008
1. Helsinginkatu por la noche
2. Mi prima preferida Anniina
3. Yo en el bar se llama Om'pu

September 22, 2008

I never want to let her go

Kaisa I love you, I need you, I miss you, I can't live without you.
She is the sister I always had, the care taker, the make up maker, the shoulder and the singing partner.

I still can't dry my tears but don't you worry, I will be all right.

So there you go

I'm a bit scared to go personal with this one. First off, I'm not so big with words. And secondly, I'm afraid I'd just turn this into a pretentious blabber OR that I'd end up embarrassing myself in some other way. But I promise to become a bit more revealing by time. Not that there's anyone, except one, who actually gives a shit about my blog.
Anyway, that one is surely enough for me to overcome my stage fright of the cyber circus because she reads me and she sees me, without www's or dot com's and jpeg's. I don't have to pretend for her sake, I don't have to be cooler or better than I am for her sake. And that, I have decided, should be enough for all the rest of you girls and boys out there.

September 17, 2008

September 15, 2008

photos by Lina G.

Okay I'm leaving Helsinki in about a month. To Valparaíso (via London, Paris, Marseille, Pedreguer).

Kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me, like you know I'll never go
Even though you know I will

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